In representing the people of Platt Park, the Platt Park People’s Association (3PA) seeks to build positive relationships with government agencies, businesses and groups that have interests in our neighborhood.  We know changes are inevitable.  We want to do all we can to ensure that those changes are compatible with our way of life and our neighborhood.


3PA is a Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO).  It is also an organizational member of Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC), the citywide umbrella organization for RNOs. 


There are two groups that make decisions on behalf of the entire organization – The Board of Directors and The Committee for Responsible Development (CFRD).


The Board of Directors receive and solicit input from its members on what issues need the attention of the organization.  Along with the vote of its members, the board makes a decision on what course of action to take.  Additionally, the Board of Directors manages membership funds, communication outlets, membership growth, events, etc.


When an issue or a meeting is coming up, the board sends an e-mail alert.  Please feel free to email the board ( with questions or suggestions. 


The CFRD watches for building code and zoning variances, applications to excise and licenses for new, renewing or transfers of liquor licenses, and other developments in the Platt Park area. When appropriate, the CFRD may communicate this information to the community, bring it to the Board of Directors for a vote on whether to take a position or not, and/or meet with the applicant to discuss community concerns.  The CFRD posts public notices and reports board actions here.


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