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Welcome to 3PA

Platt Park People’s Association (3PA) is a non-profit organization, which fosters a spirit of community among residents and organizations located within the neighborhood. It provides a forum for discussing issues, works to enhance the value of our Platt Park neighborhood and improve the quality of life of its neighbors. The success of 3PA depends on active members that engage on issues and work together to keep Platt Park one of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in.

Neighborhood General Meeting
Tues., March 21st

Join the 3PA Board and local residents to discuss the latest issues in Platt Park. Speakers will include District 7 Council candidates, representatives from Denver Police and the District Attorney's office, Councilman Jolon Clark, the 3PA Board, and others.


Neighborhoods work better when they work together

Want to learn more about what's happening in Denver? INC is an essential resource for Denver RNO's. INC brings together, informs and empowers Denver neighborhood organizations to actively engage in addressing City issues. 3PA is a member organization, and this link to INC's web-site will provide a wealth of information on all things impacting life in Denver.

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